Challenges are an indispensable part of every company's business, regardless of the industry in which it operates. In order to face each and every one of them, it will need a team of experienced experts and well-established professionals to provide quality and timely answers.

We are one of such teams.

Each of us contributed to Saga being today a company recognizable on the market by state-of-the-art software and ICT infrastructure solutions.

Since the founding in 1989. we have unselfishly shared knowledge and experience with each other. This made Saga a leader in the field of digital transformation. Thanks to the partnership with over 70 renowned names from the ICT industry, we have grown and developed into an inevitable station on the road to improving the business for a large number of clients.

Our focus on developing and implementing innovative solutions is what sets us apart and makes us a synonym for top business results.

Thanks to the expertise of our employees, close cooperation with clients and the use of the latest technological achievements, for years we have been implementing solutions that transform business and make a difference.

Welcome to Saga!

Good teams can get even better when they team up.

In order to be part of such a team, Saga became a member of the New Frontier Group, a leader in digital transformation in Central and Eastern Europe in 2009.
Since 2006, when it was founded in Vienna, the New Frontier Group has expanded its operations to over 15 countries with branches in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, the Middle East, USA, Canada and Australia.

What, according to Gartner's list, makes it one of the 10 most successful systems integrators in Central and Eastern Europe is over 2000 highly specialized IT staff, who helps clients take full advantage of the opportunities that arise in digital economy.

In line with our motto "Shaping future, delivering results", we successfully implement innovative solutions that redefine the business of a large number of clients across the region, but also beyond the borders of Europe.